SAMPE 2020 CANCELLATION Attendee/Presenter  FAQs 

 When and  where will  SAMPE  2020  be held?

Due  to the  Coronavirus  pandemic, the  SAMPE  2020 Conference  and Expo,  originally  scheduled to take  place  in Seattle, WA  on  May  4-7,  2020 has  been canceled  and  will  not  be rescheduled.  Our  next  SAMPE  conference  will be  held in Long Beach, CA  on  May  24  –  27, 2021.

What is  your  cancellation  policy?

If  you registered for  the  conference,  your  registration  will  be  automatically  refunded, including  tutorials.

When will  we be able  to  register  for  SAMPE  2021 ?

Registration will  be  open  in late  fall. We  will  provide  more  information as  it  becomes  available.

Should I  keep the appointment I have scheduled  to apply  for my visa?

No. A  VISA  request  to attend SAMPE  2020  is  not  valid.    SAMPE  2020 is  cancelled.

Do I  need  to  cancel  my hotel reservation?

All  hotel  reservations  made  within the  SAMPE  block  were  canceled. If  you  did  not  receive a  cancellation  email from  your  hotel, please  call  them  directly  to cancel  your  reservation.

Will  attendees/speakers  be refunded  for  airline tickets?

No, we  will  not  refund individual  airline/train ticket  costs. Please  contact  your  airline  directly regarding  ticket cancellations.

Will  any  of  the SAMPE  2020  content  be made available?

The  SAMPE  leadership and  staff  are  reviewing the  options  of  moving the  SAMPE  2020 content  to  one  of SAMPE’s  other  events  or  platforms  (CAMX,  SAMPE  2021,  web/virtual, local  chapter  events, etc.).   It  is  our goal  to make  available  all  the  intended SAMPE  2020 content  to our  SAMPE  members.   Please  note  that ‘content’  includes  planned speakers, panel  discussions,  awards  and student  competitions  as  well  as  technical papers.

Can  I  submit  my  accepted technical paper to another conference or proceed with my publication? 

SAMPE would like  to use  your  papers  for  a future  conference  or  other  platform, but  we  understand that  you may  not  want  to wait  to present  your  materials.  We  will  be  contacting you directly  to work  this  through. SAMPE will  soon be  sending out  a survey  asking  you for  your  preference.   

Additional  Questions

Making the  decision to cancel  SAMPE  2020 was  very  difficult but  ensuring the  health and safety  of  everyone involved in our  conferences  was and is,  our  top priority.  If  you’d like  to understand more  about  the  rationale  to cancel  SAMPE  2020 please  send your  questions  to  Chris  Locke, Director  of  Marketing, Membership and Education, at