Technical Papers

Technical Papers are the crucial basis by which SAMPE selects presentations for the SAMPE 2018 Technical Conference Program. Each Technical Paper undergoes a thorough review by a team of Subject Matter Experts and volunteers. Technical Papers must include tests, analysis, and results.


Before an invitation to present is extended, Technical Papers must pass the approval of the review committee. Therefore, SAMPE's Technical Program schedule is released closer to the event. However, the list below includes all Technical Papers that have been submitted for review. This is not the final program list and some papers listed may not be included in the final schedule. 

Additive Manufacturing

Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing of an Additively Manufactured Shadow UAV Wind Tunnel Model

Taylor Owens, US Army AMRDEC

An In-Depth Look at Adopting Additive Manufacturing (FDM) to Composite Bicycle Frame Fabrication

David Dahl, Santa Cruz Bicycles


     Design and Analysis

Simultaneous Optimization of Design and Tool Path for Additive Manufacturing

Peter Woytowitz, Arevo Inc.

An Integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Environment to Enable the 3D Printing Revolution

Juraj Vanek, Arevo Inc.

Location Specific Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured Materials: A Microsample Approach

Michael Duffy, UMBC

Investigation of Digital Computer Aided Design Assembly and Tessellation Effects on Part Quality in PolyJet-3D Additive Printing

Ram Mohan, North Carolina A&T State University

Qualification of Additively Manufactured Titanium Material using Micro Sample Testing Technique

Michael Duffy, UMBC

Model-based Optimal Time Control of UV Induced Cationic Curing Process of Diglycidyl Ether Bisphenol A

Shiferaw Beyene, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research

Parametric Analysis on Vertical Pins for Strengthening Extrusion-Based Printed Parts

Seokpum Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Discontinuous Fiber Composites Accounting for Defects and Uncertainties

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Fatigue Microsample testing of Additively Manufactured Metals

Michael Duffy, UMBC

Computational damage modeling of additive manufactured multi-phase composite materials

Miguel Ramirez, Purdue University

Inexpensive Verification via Mechanical Impedance for Additively Manufactured Parts

Scott Strutner, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Prediction Validation of Thermal Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed ULTEM 1010

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation



Investigation of Compressive Performance of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)

Hatice S Sas, Abdullah Gul University

Effects of Matrix Material on the Flexural Behavior of 3D Printed Composite Beams

Afsin Talha Yildirim, Abdullah Gul University, Kayseri, Turkey

The Influence of Laser Focal Shift on the Microstructural Evolution of Inconel 718 Produced via Selective Laser Melting

Tait McLouth, The Aerospace Corporation

Dielectric barrier discharge plasma welding for isotropic 3D printed parts

Brandon Sweeney, Essentium Materials

Enabling High Volume True3D Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Danning Zhang, Arevo, Inc.

Flame Retardant Polyamide 11 and Alumina Nanocomposites for Additive Manufacturing

William Fahy, University of Texas at Austin

A Comparison of Effect of Process Parameters of 3D Printing to Injection Molding on Multifunctional Composites Properties

Zhou Zhou, Eaton Corporation

Development of polyamide 6 nanocomposites for ESD/EMI applications

Jitendra Tate, Texas State University


Advances in Composite Manufacturing Technologies
     Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of polyvinyl alcohol mandrels for complex composite structures

Linus Lehnert, McGill University


     Advances in Composites: Testing

Thermography for the Early Detection of Sub-Surface Voids in Sheet Molding Compound Panels

Marton Kardos, Volkswagen Group of America

In-Situ Material State Monitoring using Embedded Sensors and Cure Kinetics for Process Optimization of Polymer Composites

Waruna Seneviratne, NIAR/WSU



Flexible Silicone Molds for the Rapid Manufacturing of Ultra-Thin Fiber Reinforced Structures

Arthur Schlothauer, Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering ETH Zürich

Automated Manufacturing of Damage Detecting, Self-Healing Composite Pressure Vessels

Jeffrey Chambers, Aurora Flight Sciences


Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Behavior and Optimization of Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Using Thermo-Hydroforming Process

Hyunchul Ahn, The Ohio State University

Effect of Nonwoven Fabric Type, Facesheet Ply Angle, and Core Thickness on Distortion of Out-of-Autoclave Flat Sandwich Panels

Seyed Soltani, Florida Polytechnic University

The Development and Characterization of Graphite filled Bisphenol A-Based Benzoxazine/ Cycloaliphatic Epoxy

Poom Narongdej, California State University Long Beach


     Composite Machining

Experimental Study of Cryogenically Enhanced Submerged Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

Sagil James, California State University Fullerton

Removal and Replacement of Failed Bonded Nutplates Utilizing Nonmetallic Torlon Adhesive Cutters

Kara Storage, Air Force Research Lab



An Experimental Study of Defect Formation in Complex Part Geometries Produced from Prepreg Materials

Christian Netzel, CACM University of Auckland



Development of 3D printed nanocarbon/epoxy polymer composites

Vijay Rangari, Tuskegee University

Magnetic structuring of nickel-coated carbon nanotubes with diazonium salt treatment for tailorable and bulk nanocomposite fabrication

Namiko Yamamoto, the Pennsylvania State University

Commercial Graphene High-Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites for High Volume Applications

Natassia Batista, McGill University


     Non Polymer Matrices

Experimental Study on Micromachining Metal Matrix Composites using Dry Micro Electrical Discharge Machining Process

Sagil James, California State University Fullerton


     Out-of-Autoclave (OOA)

Fabrication of Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg with High Through-Thickness Permeability by Polymer Film Dewetting

Sarah Schechter, University of Southern California

Compression Moulding of Magnetic Particles and Chopped Thermoplastic Tape

Marcelo Müller, Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR

New High Performance Epoxy Systems for Resin Transfer Molding

Ruairi O'Kane, Henkel Corporation


     Quality Assurance

Airbus Composite One-Shot Centre WingBox Next Generation

Pierre-Henri Cadaux, AIRBUS

Addressing the Costs and Limitations of Manual Inspection with Machine Vision

Scott Blake, Aligned Vision


     Simulation & Modeling

Machining Modeling for Life Cycle Improvements of Composite Components

Jennifer Holt, Third Wave Systems

Advances in a Lumped Kinetic Model for Carbon Fiber Carbonization

Tae-Seok Lee, Harper International Corporation

Experimental and Simulation Study on Micromachining of Hybrid Composite Stacks using Micro Ultrasonic Machining Process

Sagil James, California State University Fullerton

Computational Analysis of Processing Conditions During Carbonization of Stabilized PAN Fiber

Tae-Seok Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


     Surface Prep

Plasma Surface Preparation for Bonding Nutplates on Composites

Caroline Mitchell, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics


     Thermoplastic Matrices

New Developments in Integral Manufacturing of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics with Metallic Inserts

Arne Kunze, Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien - IWT Bremen

Automated Fiber Placement Defects: Automated Inspection and Characterization

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina


Advances in Thermoplastics

Fastening Composite Structures using Carbon Fiber/Polyetherimide Rivets

Louis Laberge Lebel, Polytechnique Montreal



Investigation of the Stress Evolution of Polyetherimide During its Forming Process

Qi Wu, the University of Tokyo

Effects of Temperature on the Apparent Lap Shear Strength of Resistance-Welded Carbon Fibre/Thermoplastic Composite Joints

Vincent Rohart, École de Technologie Supérieure

Influence of Process Parameters During Thermoplastic UD Tape Production on the UD Tape Properties and their Subsequent Processing

Christian Beste, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University

Warpage of Thin-Gauge Compression-Moulded Panels made with Discontinuous Long Fibre Carbon/Poly-ether-ether-ketone

Caroline Collins, McGill University



Light-weighting of ELIUM® Thermoplastic Composites

Helen Wang, Arkema Inc

Carbon Fiber Sizing Material for Thermoplastic Polyamide-6 Composites Produced by Reactive Processing

Sang-Woo Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science

Development of 3D printing of Polycarbonate/Silica Polymer Nanocomposites

Vijay Rangari, Tuskegee University

A Novel Thermoplastic Prepreg With Partially Polymerized Matrix

Jung Hwan Shin, University of Southern California

     Thermoplastics - Recycling

Recent Investigation of Interfacial and Mechanical Properties of Various Thermally-Recycled Carbon Fibers/Recycled PET Composites

Joung-Man Park, Gyeongsang National University


Bonding and Adhesive Technology

Graphene-PEEK Composites as Microwave-Activated High-Temperature Adhesives

Andrew G Littlefield, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC Benét Labs

Examination of Adhesive Yield Criteria Using Mixed Mode Loading of Adhesive Joints

Preetam Mohapatra, WSU Pullman

Detection and Effect of Amine Blush in Paste Adhesive Bondlines

Ryan Toivola, University of Washington Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Advanced and Efficient Polymer Bond Fracture Modeling

Daniel Hammerand, M4 Engineering, Inc.

Adhesive Characterization and Modeling under Mixed Mode States of Stress

Taylor Owens, US Army AMRDEC

Increased Complexity and Functional Integration of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermosets by Thermoset Injection Molding

Nicolay Bergmann, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University

Plasma Surface Preparation of Nutplates and Bonded Fasteners for Adhesion on Metal and Composite Surfaces

Thomas Williams, Surfx Technologies

Metal Bonding: A Systematic Approach

Dmitriy Salnikov, 3M AASD

Comparison of XPS, Reflection FTIR, and Contact Angle Measurements for Pre-Bond Characterization of Prepared Surfaces

Giles Dillingham, BTG Labs

Flexible Induction Heating Technology for Joining Composite and Hybrid Structures

Markus Kaden, German Aerospace Center

Development of High Performance New Low Density Two-Part Epoxy FST Syntactic Adhesives for Fast Production Processes

Wenfeng Kuang, Huntsman Advanced Materials

Development of a New Bonding Technology to Create Reliable Bonds. FusePly™, Part 1

Leonard Macadams, Solvay Composite Materials


Composite Fabrication Automation
      Aero/ Auto Efficiency

Nanocellulosic Enhancement of the Glass Fiber/Epoxy Interface in Composite Materials

Ejaz Haque, Georgia Institute of Technology

Composites, Fibers and Materials to Address Aerospace High Volume Production



     Automated Fiber Placement

New Composite Structures Manufacturing Processes

Javier Militino, MTorres

Automated Fiber Placement of Thermoplastic Materials: Effects of Process Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of the Laminate

Denis Cartié, Coriolis Composites Technologies


     Automated Prepreg Placement

Automated Prepreg Sheet Placement Using Collaborative Robotics

Timotei Centea, University of Southern California


   Digital Manufacturing

Development of a Quality 4.0 Concept to Minimize the Waste in FRP Production

Arash Rezaey, Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University (ITA)


Design, Analysis, and Testing
     Ballistic Testing

Effects of curvature on ballistic impact of Kevlar®-epoxy composites

Ryan D'Ambrosio, ORSIE / U.S. Army Research Laboratory


     Damage and Failure Analysis

Multi-axial Fatigue Failure Behavior of Notched GFRP Laminate

Yao Qiao, University of Washington

Design, Processing, and Characterization of Interlaminar Response of a Multi-Layer Carbon-Epoxy Prepreg

ABM Islam, JSNN, North Carolina A&T State University

Nanomilling of a Sub-50 nm Indium Arsenide Composite Channel High Electron Mobility Transistor

Besmeh Raya, UC Irvine

Failure Behavior and Scaling of Graphene Nanocomposites

Yao Qiao, University of Washington

Micromechanical Investigations on the Damage Process in Continuous Fiber Reinforced Plastics Under Cyclical Loading

Jiuheng Chen, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV)

Secondary Bending Stresses in Composite Laminates due to Delaminations

Rikard Heslehurst, M51 Resources


    Design and Analysis: Testing

Effect of Strain Rate on the Mechanical Response of Woven Carbon and Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites

Prakash Mallik Pariti, University of Michigan Dearborn

Development and Analysis of Non-Conventional Elastomer Infused Composite Artificial Muscles

Ethan Williams, The University of Kansas

Properties of Carbon, E-glass and Hybrid E-glass/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Exposed to Seawater Conditioning

Alfred Tcherbi-Narteh, Tuskegee University

Layered Syntactic Foams Utilizing Glass and Thermoplastic Microballoons

Kerrick Dando, Composite and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory

Effects of Rapid Repeat Compressive Loading on Football Helmet Elastomeric and TPU Energy Absorbing Material Performance During High Humidity and Temperature Conditions

Kenneth Saczalski, Environmental Research & Safety Technologists, Inc.

Exploring the Effect of Preform Manufacturing Parameters on Strain Evolution in Non-Reinforced Regions of Tubular Braided Composites

Eric Lepp, University of Alberta

Laminate Through-The-Thickness Moisture Diffusion Coefficient at Different Void Contents

Afshin Bayatpour, Concordia University

Improvement of Sound Absorption Properties Using Biocomposites from Recycled Materials

Marwa Ali, National Research Centre

The Use of ASTM D6484 for Highly Orthotropic Laminates

patrick O'Callaghan, Northrop Grumman

Reliability-based assessment of bond strength in FRP strengthened RC bridges

Sasan Siavashi, Wayne State University

Fastener Pull-Through Structural Assessment on Composites

Rikard Heslehurst, M51 Resources

Study of Varying Fiber Orientation and Notch Diameter in Semicircular Side-Notched Composite Laminates under Static Loading

Chris Ostrom, HX5


     Design/Structural Analysis

Digital Image Correlation based Mechanical Response Characterization of Thin-Walled Composite Cylindrical Shells

STHANU MAHADEV, California Polytechnic State University

A Parametric Study of Carbon Fiber Reinforced-Thermoset Matrix Composites using Micromechanics Modeling

Liangkai Ma, The Dow Chemical Company

Digital Volume Correlation Analysis of Braided Composites

Garrett Melenka, York University

Performance Requirements of Babies Helmet Therapy for Deformed Skulls from Textile Materials

Marwa Ali, Spinning and Weaving Engineering Department, Textile Research Division,  National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

Design and FEA of a High Pressure Composite Coupling for High Pressure Fluidic Tubes

Bo Cheng Jin, M.C. Gill Composites Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

[ITAR] Implementation of Connector Elements for Damage Initiation and Failure in Composites

Taylor Owens, Dynetics, Inc.

Effects of Bio-Composites in Sandwich Panels with an Optimum Corrugated Core Under Compression Loading

Jalen Mano, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


     Measurement and Instrumentation

A Modified Assembly of the In-Situ Ablation Sensor

Jon Langston, the University of Texas at Austin


     Modelling and Prediction

Characterization and Computational Modeling of the Fracturing Behavior of Discontinuous Fiber Composite Structures

Seunghyun Ko, University of Washington

HM63/996 Qualification for Electro-Optical Imaging Systems

James Throckmorton, Harris Corporation

Dielectric Property Investigation of Degraded Pre-Preg and Performance Prediction of the Final Composite Part

Aishwarya Nandini, Institute for Predictive Performance and Methodologies, The University of Texas at Arlington

Recertification and Equivalency Test Results for IM7/8552-1 Following Extended Freezer Storage

Sandi Miller, NASA Glenn Research Center


Emergent Materials and Technologies

Synthesis, Testing and Characterization of Conductive Polymer-Graphene Composite Films

Ranji Vaidyanathan, Oklahoma State University/School of Materials Science and Engineering

Carbon Fiber Tows Produced on Demand in a Manufacturing Environment

Pete Goldsmith, M.Torres America, Inc.

Composite Origami: Foldable Structures based on Tachi-Miura-Polyhedron (TMP) Origami Architecture

Antonio Alessandro Deleo, University of Washington, Seattle

Single Fiber Fragmentation Test for Glass Fiber Reinforced Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymer-Based Composites

Brendan Patterson, US Army Research Lab

Injection Repair for Restoration of Composite Properties

Waruna Seneviratne, NIAR/WSU

Development of Composites with Fluorogenic Water Sensing Capability

Sindhu Seethamraju, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Comprehensive Chemical Characterization of High Performance Composites

Rajiv Soman, EAG Laboratories

Quantitative Investigation of Multifunctional Properties of Epoxy Based Two-Phase Solid Polymer Electrolyte

Kunal Mishra, Oklahoma State University



Carbon Nanomaterials Based Fiber Sensors for Highly Sensitive And Versatile In Situ Monitoring of Composites Manufacturing

Sida Luo, Beihang University

Improve the Through-Thickness Electrical Conductivity of CFRP Laminate Using Flow-Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Z-Threads

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, University of South Alabama

Mechanical Behavior Modeling of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Reinforced with Z-directional Nanofibers

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, University of South Alabama

Effects of Nitric-Sulfuric Acid Mixture Ratio and Sonication Time on Covalent Functionalization of Helical Carbon Nanotubes for Nanocomposites Applications

Davood Askari, Wichita State University

Effects of Functionalization of Helical Carbon Nanotubes Sonication with a Mixture of Nitric and Sulfuric Acids) on Mechanical Properties of their Polymeric Nanocomposites

Davood Askari, Wichita State University

Piezospectroscopic Coatings: Effects of Alumina Nanoparticle Volume Fraction on Stress-Sensing

Seetha Raghavan, University of Central Florida

Mechanical and Moisture Absorption Characterization of PLA Composites Reinforced with Nano-Coated Flax Fibers

Mathieu Robert, University of Sherbrooke

Fatigue Performance of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites Containing Nanosilica and Core Shell Rubber Particles

Jitendra Tate, Texas State University


     Resin Systems, Films, Fibers

The Effect of Degree of Cure on Benzoxazine Flammability and Thermomechanical Properties

Cecile Grubb, Western Washington University

Synthesis and Characterization of a New Cyanate Ester Resin Derived From Vinylbenzenes and Their Quartz Fiber Reinforced Composites

Jianwei Wu, Institute of Petrochemistry, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences

Hybrid Materials for Low Dielectric FRP Composite Radome Applications

Elizabeth Cates, Innegra Technologies

New Generation of Formulations for Interior Applications in Aerospace

Mahdi Ghazizadeh, Huntsman Advanced Materials

Thermal Oxidation and Degradation of Benzoxazine-Epoxy System

Ruchi Patel, California State University, Long Beach

Effect of Moisture on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Benzoxazine-Epoxy Alloy System

Josecruz Banuelos, California State University, Long Beach

Characterization of Moisture Diffusion at Elevated Temperature in High Performance Fibers

Francis Klincewicz, University of Delaware

EnduroSharp™ Nonmetallic (Torlon®) Aircraft Maintenance Tools

Kara Storage, Air Force Research Lab

Polyurethane-Based and Thermoset-Thermoplastic Hybrid Matrices for Rapid Composite Part Production

Darren Arola, Evonik Corporation


Green Technologies
     Green Materials

Cost Efficient Spinning of Carbon Precursor Fibers with Alternative, Untoxic Solvents

Stefan Alexander Peterek, Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH-Aachen University

Automotive Biocomposites based on Nano-Fibrillated Cellulose Technology

Gurminder Minhas, Performance BioFilaments Inc

Experimental Analysis of Cellulose Fiber Braided Bio-Composites

Brianna Bruni-Bossio, University of Alberta, Department of Mechanical Engineering


     Green Tech - Recycling

pH-Reversible Epoxy-Amine Thermoset Based On Hexahydrotrizaine Curative

John Misasi, Western Washington University

Recycling of Amine/Epoxy Composites Using Chemical Treatment at Atmospheric Pressure

Yijia Ma, University of Southern California


     Natural Fibers

Influence of Strain Rate on Mechanical Properties of Technical Flax Fibers

Chad Ulven, North Dakota State University

Investigation of the Mechanical and Physical Behaviors of Biocomposites for Vehicles Load Floor

Nermin Aly, Spinning and Weaving Engineering Dept., Textile Research Division, National Research Centre

The influence of Date Palm Leaves and wood flour as reinforcing fillers on the physical and mechanical properties of Hybrid Biocomposites

Nermin Aly, Spinning and Weaving Engineering Dept., Textile Research Division, National Research Centre

Twisted Jute/Glass Hybrid-Composites

Ahmed Hassanin, Alexandria University


High Temperature

Coating of NdFeB to improve Corrosion Resistance at High Temperature

Waleed Aslam, Institute of Space Technology

Thermal Cycling of Polyimide Composites with Phenylethynyl-Terminated PMDA Type Asymmetric Matrix

Yixiang Zhang, University of Southern California

Moisture Absorption in a Phenylethynyl-Terminated PMDA Type Asymmetric Polyimide and its Composites

Yixiang Zhang, University of Southern California



In-Situ Mechanical Spectroscopy of High-Temperature Polyimides: Effect of Out-Time on Resin Rheology

Jonathan E Spowart, Air Force Research Laboratory

Role of SiO2/Al2O3 Ratio in the Curing Mechanism of Alkali Accelerated Alumino-Silicate Binder for Structural Composites

AKM Rahman, Mechanical Engineering Tech, New York City College of Technolgy


Market Applications

Composite Leaf Springs in High Volumes

Thomas Staffenberger, KDX Europe Composites R&D Center GmbH



[ITAR] Cure Defects in Tapered Laminate

Wendy Lin, GE Aviation

Numerical Simulation of AFP Nip Point Temperature Predication for Complex Geometries

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina

[ITAR] Slit Tape Buckling and AFP Defect Prediction

Sayata Ghose, The Boeing Company

[ITAR] Closed Loop Control of AFP Heating

Sayata Ghose, The Boeing Company

[ITAR] Cure Process Defects in Composite Laminates

Amy Bahe, Boeing

Optimization of Picosecond Laser Parameters for Surface Treatment of Composites using a Design of Experiments (DOE) Approach

Frank Palmieri, NASA

Effectiveness of an Open Air Plasma in Removing Silicone Based Mold Release Agent from AFP Manufactured Composite Surfaces

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina

Robust Bonding through Process Control

Eileen Kutscha, Boeing

Automated Fiber Placement Defects Identity Cards: Cause, Anticipation, Existence, Significance and Progression

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina

Automated Fiber Placement Defects: Rapid Online Assessment Tool

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina

[ITAR] Effects of Processing Parameters on Defect Formation in Automated Fiber Placement Process

Wenping Zhao, United Technologies Research Center

Processing Experiments for Automated Fiber Placement Process Model Development

Brian Grimsley, NASA

Effectiveness of Surface Treatment Techniques for Composite Bonding with Different Contamination Levels

Xiaomei Fang, Pratt & Whitney

Numerical and Experimental Study of Local Resin Pressure for the Manufacturing of Composite Structures and their Effect on Porosity

Houman Bedayat, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies US

A Numerical Study on the Effects of Prepreg Tack in AFP Process Related Defects

Houman Bedayat, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies US

Through-Thickness Gas Permeability of Prepreg Composite Facesheets During Co-Cure of Honeycomb Core Sandwich Structures

Mark Anders, University of Southern California

Determination of Trace Silicone Contamination on Composites by Quantitative XPS and LIBS

Rodolfo Ledesma, University of Virginia / NASA Langley Research Center


NDE & Structural Health Monitoring
     Acoustic Emission, DIC, Data-driven prognosis

Data-driven Composite Damage Prognostics by Coupling Computational Modeling with Nondestructive Evaluation

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation


     Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Ply defect

In-situ Thermal Inspection of Automated Fiber Placement Operations for Tow and Ply Defect Detection

Peter Juarez, NASA


     CNT Sensor

Novel Carbon Nanotube Interlaminar Film Sensors for Skin/Stringer Interface Damage Detection in Carbon Composite Panels

Hao Liu, Center for Composite Materials and Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware


     Impact Damage, Environmental Degradation

Combined Effects of Impact Damage and Moisture Exposure on Composite Radome Dielectric Properties

Katherine Berkowitz, North Carolina State University


     Polymer Fiber Optic

3D Composite with embedded Optical Fiber for SHM Applications



     Ultrasonic, Impact Damage

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring of a Composite Plate

Md Yeasin Bhuiyan, University of South Carolina

Survivability of Silicon Encased Fiber Bragg Gratings Subject to High Rate Impacts

Andrew Rocco, DePaul University/ Illinois Tech

Detection and Prediction of Defects in Composite materials using Di-Electric Characterization and Neural Networks

Muthu Ram Prabhu Elenchezhian, The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute



Process Modeling
     Property Predictions

Some Resins like it Hot: Elucidating the cure kinetics of an Epoxy –Anhydride system for Pultrusion Applications

Prashanth Badrinarayanan, Olin

Prediction of Weave Architecture Mechanical Properties using Dehomogenized Multiscale Modeling

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation


     Residual Stresses

[ITAR] Process Modeling for High Temperature Polyimides considering Cure Cycle and Geometrical Variations

Brent Volk, Air Force Research Laboratory

Dimensional Stability Assessment of Spacecraft Structures Using Process Models from Material Characterization

Julieta Barroeta Robles, McGill University

Experimental Investigation of Thermo-Viscoelastic Behaviour of CFRP During Cure Process

Kamyar Gordnian, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies


     Resin Infusion

Simulation of Liquid Molding Processes (LCM) for Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Manufacturing

Arnaud Dereims, ESI US R&D Inc.


Resin Infusion

Resin Infusion Material Developments for Integrated Structures

Jon Meegan, Solvay

Balancing Infusion Viscosity and Flame Retardancy of an RTM Benzoxazine

Cecile Grubb, Western Washington University

Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding; A New Process For Mass Production of High Quality Composites Parts

Mahdi Ghazizadeh, Huntsman Advanced Materials

Epoxy Resin Transfer Molding Resins for High Temperature Aerospace Applications

Steve Hackett, 3M Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division

NONA Repair of Composite Structures via Resin Infusion

Ben Dietsch, Cornerstone Research Group


Simulation and Computational Modeling
     Multiscale Modeling

Multiscale Virtual Material Characterization of 3D Woven Composites using ESI VPS

Sebastian Müller, ESI Group

Virtual Tensile Testing of Prepreg Platelet Composite Molded with Stochastic Morphology

Sergii Kravchenko, Composites Manufacturing Simulation Center

Near Fiber Effects of UV Exposure on the Fiber Matrix Interphase: A Combined Experimental and Numerical Investigation

Libin K Babu, Oklahoma State University

Erosion Impact of Ceramic Matrix Composite By Multi-Scale Modeling

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Modeling Failure in Fiber-Reinforced Composite Tubes using TRUE Multiscale technology

Hayden Cornwell, MultiMechanics

     Structural Analysis

A Simple Analytical Modeling of Sectional Properties in Thin-walled Unsymmetrical Composite Beam Cross-Sections

STHANU MAHADEV, California Polytechnic State University

Safety Assessment for CFRP Strengthen Single Column Pier Bridge Exposed to Fire in Urban Viaduct

Yongcheng Ji, University of Colorado Denver

     Structures, CFD and Process simulation

Design and CFD Analysis of Four Seater Super Mushshak Aircraft

Asim Shahzad, Institute of Space Technology

Stability and Performance Analysis of Super Mushshak Aircraft

Asim Shahzad, Institute of Space Technology

A Numerical Model to Simulate the Combustion Behaviour of Flax/Epoxy Composites in the Cone Calorimeter Environment

Swagata Dutta, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Auckland

Rapid Weight Estimation for Conceptual Design

Tyler Winter, M4 Engineering, Inc.

Aeroelastic Enhancement of Composite Structures with Curvilinear Internal Structure

Myles Baker, M4 Engineering, Inc.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Droplet-Assisted Laser Micromachining of Ceramic Materials

Sagil James, California State University Fullerton

Manufacturing Simulation of the In-situ Tape Laying Process for Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tapes

Daniel Fricke, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Thermo-mechanical Analysis and Experiment Validation of Fused Deposition Modeling

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation


Space Structures and Materials

Effect of Microcracks on Mechanical Property of Honeycomb Sandwich Composite Subjected to Thermal Cycling

Sandesh Hegde, Concordia University

Effect of Nanoparticles on Long Term Behavior of Radiation Shielding Composite Structures for Space Applications

Ajit Kelkar, NC A&T State University

Fabrication, Testing and Characterization of Polyethylene-Based Thermoplastic Composite Materials for Radiation Shielding

Ranji Vaidyanathan, Oklahoma State University

[ITAR] Cryogenic Property and Performance Characterization of 3D polymer Matrix Composites for Space Structure Applications

Steven Violette, Fiber Materials Inc.

Hygroscopic, Thermal, and Radiation Stability of High Precision Replicated Epoxy Composite Mirrors

Hyun Kim, The Aerospace Corp

[ITAR] Development of a Solar Array Substrate for the Europa Environment

John Troll, Genesis Engineering Solutions, Inc.



Hybrid Invar/Carbon Fiber Layup Molds for Composite Part Manufacture

Sean Henson, Ascent Aerospace

New Removable Tooling Options for Resin Transfer Molding

Zachary Wing, Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

Demonstration of Additive Manufacturing (FDM) for Production Composite Tooling at Dassault Falcon Jet

Ross Jones, Stratasys