2  Annual materials innovation & advanced technology leadership forum

Composites for Sustainable Energy & Transportation Applications

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Materials Innovation & Advanced Technology Leadership Forum. This two-day gathering brings together the industry's top technology leaders, executives, engineers, scientists, and other professionals driven by the commercialization of advanced materials.


Energy storage and conversion devices have long embraced the many attributes of composite materials; they are lightweight and have specific stiffness, strength, and multifunctional capacities. This year's forum will focus on the next-generation uses of composites materials in energy applications.


Join us in sunny Southern California, where clean-air regulators plan to ramp up the sale of electric and zero-emission vehicles while phasing out the sale of new gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2035. California is not alone in this goal, and the automotive industry is but one area where such demands on advanced battery technology will be expected. Our globally sourced speakers will shed some light on the emerging composites materials helping to solve tomorrow's inevitable energy storage and conversion demands. You'll meet today's leaders grappling with the same challenges as you, and together, we'll find the path forward to a clean, renewable tomorrow.





Sam Tollefsen,
Engineer, Technical Services (Prepreg),
TORAY Composite Materials Inc.

Ramy Harik,

University of South Carolina 

The session was packed with CEOs, Professors, Owners and was super fun...

Great organization as always by SAMPE. The #MaterialsInnovationForum is a big success!

Sam Tollefsen,
Engineer, Technical Services (Prepreg),
TORAY Composite Materials Inc.

I wanted to thank you again for inviting me to speak at the SAMPE forum, it was a great experience.

David Leach,

Director, Business Development
ATC Manufacturing

Very pleased to see SAMPE hosting this type of meeting where we can build on SAMPE’s role as a professional society with technical expertise and leadership!

Lindsay Horn,

Lead Materials Development Engineer

Eaton Aerospace.

It was a very enjoyable and productive expereince.

Sana Elyas,
Director,Senior R&D Program Manager, ARRIS

Congratulations SAMPE team on launching a successful leadership forum to discuss the challenges, synergies , and advancements in composites manufacturing.

Glad to moderate the "Synergies" session. Whether it was the connection between spacecraft and consumer electronics product needs from Maxar Technologies; sharing insights on material innovation applicable to multiple manufacturing processes from Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. and material development combined with additive manufacturing to solve automotive industry needs from Divergent. You kept us engaged and inquisitive about the technology development, application, and the next steps.

Glad to attend the workshop courses and grow my understanding of advanced composites. Shoutout to the attendees, speakers, sponsors moderators, SAMPE staff, and SAMPE-Los Angeles Chapter.

Jerome Berg,
Staff Engineer, Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems

The inaugural SAMPE forum was a refreshing reminder of how SAMPE is staying on top of advanced materials development in emerging markets.  I’ll be back the next year to gain insight from these industry leaders in this outstanding venue at a very reasonable cost…..it was worth every dollar.

Scott Stephenson,

Director-Strategic Initiatives & Events


Engaging thought-provoking presentations by expert speakers, preceded by deep-dive seminars on specific technologies, like thermoplastic composites